Saturday, May 20, 2006


Fear . . . Not sure how I feel about it right now

As I sit in my roach motel of a room ere in Millington Ten. I am scared to death at what lay ahead of me tomorrow. Memphis In May Triathlon, and Olympic sized tri; 1.5k swim, 40k bike, and 10k run.

I went to the race site this morning with my Mom Daudet and My Dad Jerry. We parked, located where we would put the tent shelters and went to registration. As we were walking there we saw Vanilla and his family form BRtri. I hope when I have children one day I can make racing a family event s they do. We chatted a bit and off I went to register.

It was about 10:00am and already the humidity and heat were kicking in. I would be finishing the bike about this time tomorrow, I thought to myself. Whew.

I picked up my race kit and t-shirt. Walked around a bit and headed back to the truck. I began to panic a little. This will be the longest race by far that I have done. I am actually in a state of panic!

My lower back has been hurting now for about two weeks and getting worse in the bed at this motel. I am worried about the humidity; I don’t do so well with humidity. Heat is ok, humidity, not so much.

I am sitting in my air-conditioned motel room and my mind is going a million miles an hour. What if . . . What if?

When I am done with this tangent I will lay on the bed and visualize the race and see myself finishing with a smile.

I am so happy that so many of my family are here.

Until tomorrow . . . Happy thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Go get 'em Chris!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is indeed a big day. Take God with you. And duct tape.

Anonymous said...

Man, that IS scary. I know you're going to conquer it and feel like a million bucks after (well, maybe like crap at first, and then a million bucks strong until your next triathalon).
I wish I could be there, but think of me freaking out with excitement and then running away if you get sick.

I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, even though i'm awfully busy, you know cute baby stuff, You are definitely in my thoughts tomorrow, Enjoy yourself and race hard.

- Brandy

Anonymous said...

Dang, I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but I don't know where it went.

Anyway, what I was saying was...
That IS scary. I know you'll feel like a million bucks after you conquer it though. (Well, you'll probably feel like crap at first and THEN a million bucks strong until your next tri.)
Congrats, and I know you can do it!!!
I can't wait to come see you this year. I wish I could be there now, but just think of me cheering and then running away if you get sick afer.

I love you!!