Monday, May 08, 2006

Crawfish Man Triathlon

If it’s Broke, Duct Tape it . . .

Men are awesome and I say that on a purely plutonic level. We are so predictable and even more, when we find something that works, we use it . . . For everything.

That was why I became so excited after reading Triathlete Magazines’ article on keeping your skin safe before, during, and after a race or training.

As many of you who follow my blog, I was the proud recipient of three vicious blisters on my left foot compliments of the Crescent City Classic 10k a few weeks past. They were and have been so nasty and very painful. I would blame my loss to my friend Mike Pate on the blisters at our last race, but that would not be the truth, he just beat me, period.

As I am reading this article in Triathlete Magazine while in the home Library, I laugh out loud. Amanda sticks her head in the Library and asks what was so funny. I told her that this article suggests using Duct Tape on your blisters during a race or training to prevent them from becoming worse. A man had to have come up with this remedy. Only a man, if I am wrong, I apologize in advance.

I flushed the toilet and left the bath . . . Library, then . . .

I began to plot and prod my foot for the best way to Duct Tape myself to a pain-less race for the Crawfishman Tri, a 1,200 swim, 20m bike, and 4 mi run, my longest race to date. Brent, my best friend and I, we watch Myth Busters every once and a while, we decided to try and bust this myth. Brent put tape on his hand, put it under water, began to rub vigorously and it held up. Myth – plausible.

I awoke at 4:45am. Took my pre-race shower, slapped on the body glide, loaded up the bike and headed off to the Crawfishman!

Prior to my departure I strategically placed my Duct Tape, one long ways on the ridge of my foot to cover the big momma of the blisters, one across the front padding of my foot to cover the second blister, and the last across my Achilles Tendon area and I was off to see, will our Myth be Confirmed. I sure hoped so!

I assumed the race site would be somewhere about, 55 minutes away. It was about and hour and a half. I arrived at 7:03am. Rushed to the check-in. Racked my bike. Set up my transition. RAN to the swim start.

I forgot that I had my money clip and vehicle keyless entry shoved under my tri shorts. The race start was literally in seconds. I saw a fellow tri-club and friends’ wife at the swim start. She was kind enough to hold my items for me.

I hit the water and maybe 30 seconds after I did, the race director started the race, and I was off!

I felt great during the swim, slow, but great. I was passing no one, but no one was passing me until the end when the second group leaders passed by.

I am becoming more proficient at my transitions. This is a simple part of the race that you can really improve by simply preparing better. Preparing better with your gear, but also be more prepared in your mind. It takes nothing physical to do better.

The bike was the most challenging on any bike course that I had raced in, in the state of Louisiana. It wasn’t really bad, but it had a couple hills for us. I actually didn’t mind however, and I am looking forward to seeing the splits. Last year my average bike pace was right at 11.7 mph. This year my goal was to average over 15 mph. I am doing this so far. I am happy about that.

I passed like 3 people and was passed by probably 50!!!!! I have to figure out this bike thing, the last three races, I have crushed the last few miles of each race. I get this boost of energy. I start hammering? I wonder if it is just the excitement of being finished?

I roll into the transition area, feeling pretty good.

I actually amazed myself. I walked out of transition, drank two cups of water, and once I hit the road, I began running. Again, let me clarify, my running is like a slow persons walking. But, I was doing MY running. I began and I never stopped.

I would pass through a water station and keep going. I have no idea what was going on with me? There was a little drizzling rain, but nothing too bad. The run course had its share of hills as well. I would run past a racer heading back in and a few would walk the hills. It was difficult, but I never stopped. I felt like Forrest Gump, I was just RUNNING!

My goal for today’s race was 3:15:00. My last race at LATri, which was 800, swim, 18 mi bike, and 3.1 mi run, I finished in 02:38:00 something or other. So I figured, 400 m more on the swim, 10 minutes, 2 miles more on the bike, 8 minutes, 1 mile more on the run 15 minutes. That is 43 minutes total. So I figured 3:10:00 would be good, but I knew I would do 03:15:00, I chose to beat 03:15:00.

As I crossed the finish line to cheers of volunteers, I glanced at the time clock. 02:54:ish.


I beat my goal, but more than that, this course was much more challenging than LA TRI and this race time was a mere, 17 minutes longer!!!!!!

Bottom Line . . . I am very happy about my race today.

I met Tri-It-Cajun-Style and her husband from Beginner Triathlete website. She was awesome! She helped me to my car, since I was stumbling around a bit.

I finally make it to my vehicle and realize that the keyless entry that was returned to me by my friend’s wife, it was no longer shoved in my tri shorts. It fell out!!!! After stumbling around some more looking for it along my path, I found it and began to load the truck.

Then I remember.


As I shove my left shoe off, I see a tiny bit of blood on my sock at the Achilles tendon. I began to de-bunk the Blister Myth. Then I noticed this was a NEW blister just above the other. The Duct tape on my heel was still in place.

The true test however was to come. As my sock slid down and off my foot, nothing! Nothing! I gently pulled off the tape and to my astonishment, the skin was hardly wet. No blood, no re-opening, nothing.

Duct Tape on Blisters to prevent your blisters form getting worse during a triathlon . . . Confirmed!

My next race, Memphis in May. May 21st. My family will be there. I am so excited.

Today was my longest race to date, however Memphis in May, MIM as I call it, will be my first Olympic Triathlon. I am scared, but excited after today.

Thanks to all for your support. You rock! But more than that, you help to keep me motivated.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie, GO DUCT TAPE.
The stuff is wonderful for athletes. However, use with caution. Great Caution. The tape is abused my runners. If your achilles is ripped or torn, the pro people and or "driven" people use duct tape as a cast deal so they can
run when they should be home in bed with their feet up. Am so, so very happy that this worked for you.
Blisters are such dumb things, yet they can ruin your life!!
Good job. Go Memphis.
love you

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you...keep it up.-Teresa

Anonymous said...

Awesome Chris, great results. Good luck at MIM. Olys are fun, but a whole different game the first time you try one.