Friday, July 22, 2005

Weigh in # 4 july 22, 2005

379.2 lbs.

Net gain/loss = (-12.2 lbs)

Previous weigh in: 378 lbs. July 10, 2005

Begining weight: 391.4 June 10, 2005

NEXT weigh in: August 5, 2005


Llew Hughes said...

Hey Chris,
Losing the weight is a long journey brother. You put some on, but that is the history. The future is everything you want it to be. Keep the faith. You are my hero.

I will lose all the weight I need to this year.

Llew Hughes

Janipani said...

Chris - the "downs" make the "ups" look bigger!

You're not sick anymore, so get those buns outside and start training again!

Janice/JLO/Janipani :)

Robin Diamond said...

1.2 gain??? Thats water weight. : ) You maintained and that is good - especially since you were ill and unable to get all your excerise workouts in. Means you were still eating right. You're doing great Chris!!!

PJ said...

Sounds like you maintained in a tough period while sick. Good. Now get back on the routine and fight as a true Norseman! You are in battle. For life, for health and your own inner peace. Stay the course!

Becki said...

Hey Boggs!
No worries...keep working at it and I'll meet you in the middle...someday maybe. I've only lost 5 pounds and I've been running my a** off. Keep truckin'!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
You are doing well to finish! Keep up the good work. Grace said you finished! GREAT JOB! Keep on keeping on!