Monday, July 11, 2005

Weigh in # 3 july 10, 2005

378 lbs.

Net gain/loss = (-13.4 lbs)

Previous weigh in: 382.4 lbs. June 24, 2005

Begining weight: 391.4 June 10, 2005

NEXT weigh in: July 22, 2005


Anonymous said...


I'm so very proud of you! I know how hard dieting is since I've done it off and on all my life. Keep up the good work and think POSITIVE. That's the important thing. And do NOT get discouraged by small losses, because big losses always follow.


Mom Dodie

Xenovirt said...

Dude, I understand it's hard Being PHAT.. Heavy D and myself are working on it ourselves. Heavy went and got him a vegetarian girlfriend, boy it's really hard on him. I myself stoped drinking and smoking. I also up'd the running from couch to fridge to running the park and sprints..

Anonymous said...

you go guy

PJ said...

Think about where you want to go! Keep on keeping on! Remember, One or two lbs a week is a victory!