Friday, June 10, 2005

Weigh In #1 June 10, 2005

391 lbs.

Next weigh in: June 24, 2005


Dean said...


Proud of you man! Get back into that nice Northern shape when you chased KWC fans around the gym!


Anonymous said...

mom donna says that you are very brave. i am taking the challenge personally and am going to try to loose also. When you met me i was a size 12-14. Now I am lucky
to get in a 18. Pounds just happen. They came on, they can go back off.

Christopher, YOU CAN DO THIS !!!!

AnnaEliz said...

I don't actually know you but would like to say you seem like an amazing person and keep up the great work!!!

Anonymous said...

You can do this. With me it is 'fall down' - get back up, etc.etc.
Then one magical day you get up and stay UP all on your own.

The key is getting back up.

Discouragement and self blame are lethal. Guard your heart and mind.

Annaeliz is correct.. you are an amazing person.