Sunday, March 15, 2009

Warhawk Triathlon

Warhawk Triathlon – 400yrd swim – 11 mile bike – 3 mile run


What a weekend.


I started off leaving Baton Rouge in pouring down rain.  I stopped at Wallyworld and picked up a cheap tarp and bungee cords to try and protect the bikes as much a possible.  I took the WAR PEGASUS and my comfy road bike.  I did this because the BRtri club was having a camping ride weekend Sat night and ride Sunday and I wanted to ride my comfy Roubaix on Sunday.


I arrived in Monroe Louisiana in the pouring cold rain, picked up my race packet and headed to the hotel to check in.  It was about 7pm.


Here is where the yick started.


My card was declined.  But I have money in my account I say . . . I call the bank.  It is Friday after hours – All I can do is report it stolen at this time . . . Grrrrrr.


Hotel says sorry and I say Crap.


BUT!!!!!!  Luckily, as I mentioned above, the club was having a CAMPING ride event and I had my camping gear – which consists of:


Air mattress and big gigantic Ford Excursion!!!!!!


All was well until the temp dropped below 41 degrees and I hadn’t brought my sleeping bag and the toes were numb and the teeth were a chattering!


I finally fell asleep only to wake and about 4 am in a complete convulsion as a result of my freezing body. 


I decide I am not going to get anymore sleep and sit in the front seat and start the truck for some heat.


I realize about 200 yards into the swim that I am tired.


But, I am out of the water with a little energy and headed into my favorite part of the race – The bike.  But this course would turn out to be one I am not the biggest fan of.  But that only means I need to get better at something . . .


There were 7 90 degree turns and then the turn around on the way out on the bike course and 8 90 degree turns on the way back in and this was only an 11 mile ride.  I hate this because I am still a big boy and it takes a lot to get my girth going once I slow down.  I were not so happy, but I still had the 11 overall fastest time at 20.4 mph.


The run SUCKED for me today.  I felt so strong, but I guess I sucked.  I averaged 10 minute miles.  I am very disappointed in that, but I will get better. 


I ran the course back wards and cheered for everyone as they ran into the finish.  I want to do this more and more because I remember how lonely it is out there all alone, last on the course . . .


After the race I went to a local place my buddy Bamaboy recommended and had a roast beef sandwich.  Yum


IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

Your looking good dude. What are you down to weight wise? I gave up camping years ago... I think I would have driven home

IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

youve got it. A new "used" Cervelo P2SL. Best I can do on my family budget, but still 6 years nearer than the Quintana Roo I have.

I dont think I have to worry about passing you. I have a feeling you will be more than ready for the 112.