Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Changed Man - Ironman Florida Video

This video is pretty goofy, but it made me tear up a bit, not because of my tribute to Queen by William Hung from American Idol!!!

Enjoy my goofiness - Be Brilliant today!


IronBob (swimming upstream at IMAZ 08) said...

Nice video. Makes my 15 pounds I want to lose by race day look like child's play, but at 54, it is still tough.
You know my motto: Take is easy and dont forget to embrace and enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

wowwie, what video.
That was some challange from day 1 to now. Many tears, many joys.
I am so, so happy for you. There where many times i feared my daughter would be a widow. AND SHE IS NOT. She is busy having your baby.!!!!!!!!!!! Love the bike porn too. Good paint art.Just think, your baby will be 3-4 weeks weeks old and being fitted for a custom baby bike helmet Now 'what ther' is some reaaalllllll bragging
rights. You go guy!!!!!!!!

Chad said...

Cake - The Distance is one of my fav songs ever. Lots better than those oldies but goodies we rocked to in the hills of St. Franny. Sorry I'm going to miss the IM! Hung is the greatest thing Idol ever produced...

Nat said...

Ran across your blog from comments on Amy's Running Around Blog. I am absolutely amazed by what you have done/are done. You are an inspiration.