Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 in Review

Before I begin my goals and expectations for 2009, I would like to review 2008.  What a year.


I am going to break this down into categories, as I will for 2009 goals:

1.     Personal

2.     Health

3.     Business

4.     Spirituality

5.     Racing!!!!!!



1.     Personal:  I would say the biggest news form 2008 would be the fact that I am going to be a daddy.  Are you kidding me!!!???  We found out in November that we will be having a baby in July 2009. 

I have become closer to a couple new friends here in Baton Rouge.  I am working on building a better relationship with Amanda’s good friend Mary.  Ryan is a wonderful person.  They have a beautiful baby boy, David who recently turned one.  Ryan is also a great source for me when it comes to my relationship with God. 


Amanda and I celebrated five years of marriage and we still kinda like one another??  I never would have thunk it, but we genuinely like to be around one another and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.  She is one heck of a woman to put up with me!!!


2.     Health:  This is obviously the area of most change.  Let’s backtrack to 2005 when I hit my highest weight at 452 lbs.  Almost half a ton!  I began 2008 weighing 340ish lbs.  I continued to lose weight throughout the year, but when August came and I was still at about 270 lbs. I knew I had to kick it up a bit. 


I had surgery planned for December and I needed to be below 240 lbs by September.  When September arrived I was at a stealthy 238 lbs. 


Then December came and I had my surgery.  I had an upper body lift procedure that lasted more than eight hours.  I am still in recovery now and I hope to be walking around the neighborhood next week. 


I now weigh in at 231 pounds.  452 lbs and now 231.  Wow. 


3.     Business:  This was the area where I faced the most challenge for 2008.  As most of you know I am a Financial Planner.  And as EVERYONE knows, we are facing rough economic waters and this will continue into the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2009, in my opinion.  I have worked diligently to comfort and inform my clients during this difficult period, but I always question whether I can do better.  I hope and pray I am doing enough.  On a positive note, my office was recognized for being in the top 2% of production Nationwide.  I am in the largest Independent Broker/Dealer in America, so I am a little proud of that accomplishment.  I could not do it without my wonderful team.  They are the true backbone of our success; I am just the pretty face!


4.     Spirituality:  God is good.  Before I get into this . . . I respect all people’s spirituality or their choice not to have any, its all good. 


Were it not for my strength with God, I am not sure I would have been as strong as I was with the many challenges we faced in 2008.  With God, I was able to meet those challenges head on with confidence that I was always doing the right thing with the best of intentions and I think God and my family for that support.


However, I feel I have not given this area the attention that it deserves.  I am having a difficult time finding a church where I am comfortable learning and worshiping.  I didn’t actively pursue a church in 2008, but that will change in 2009.


5.     Racing:  Here is where I had the most fun in 2008.  I raced in 23 events, mostly triathlons, but also a couple run events and a cycling time trial at the end of the year.


I am most excited about my progress on the bike.  I can FLY now!  I am still working hard on the run, but I have also seen major improvement there as well.  I have cut most of my race finish times in half.  I am interested to see how much I can improve with the new body.  TBC in 2009!



2008 was truly a challenging year.  I am thankful that I didn’t fall back into my bad eating habits with the stress of the economy.  I think I have learned the right way and it is now a part of me.  I am looking forward to 2009 with great expectations.  I am still a in a little shock that I am going to be a daddy.  I pray I will be the daddy this baby needs.


I hope everyone has a GREAT New Years Eve!  I also hope your 2009 is the best year yet.


I will be adding my 2009 goals sometime this week.  It is going to be lofty to say the least.


Groover said...

You have achieved a lot. Congratulations. 2009 will bring many more achievements. Your life will change dramatically come July by the sound of it! :-) Enjoy.

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