Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008 In Review

What a year.


First let me apologize for my lack of posting over the past few months.  As many of you know I am a Financial Planner and I have been in high demand to my clients as you might imagine.  Today I am spending time with my beautiful wife Amanda and preparing food for a few friends who are coming over for Turkey Day!


I am thankful for so much.  Thank you God for all things.


At the beginning of this year I weighed in at a smooth 328 pounds.  Not bad since I weighed in at 434 pounds the previous year.  I had a few lofty goals for 2008 – some reached and some not.  But overall I am happy with my year of healthy living.


Let’s talk about triathlon first:  By year end I was averaging more than 21 MPH on the bike in my races and around 11 minute miles on my run.  My swim remained about average, but I was fairly proficient at the swim when I was over 425 pounds.  I FLOATED BETTER!!!!  When you compare those times to previous years – I was averaging around 17 MPH on the bike and about 17-18 minute miles on the run portion.  I am quite satisfied with that progress.  Not that this has been important to me - I began climbing up in race finish times – from dead last and near the bottom to about middle of the pack.


While I was unable to put together my end of the year race goal of top 50% in the swim, plus 20 MPH bike, ending with a sub 10 min mile run – I CAME CLOSE several times and I actually began finishing races faster than I thought I could.  I am very happy with my 2008 race focus. 


I completed 14 triathlons, 3 duathlons, and a time trial bike race.  I also raced in a few 5k and 10k run races as well.


It was a trying year for me as well with my gallbladder deciding to act up in June.  I had it taken out with surgery and that set me back a bit, but it wasn’t too bad. 


Today was a cap off of my racing for 2008.  Turkey Trot 5K!!!  I had a goal of sub 30-minute finish time – actual finish time was 32.06.  Last year I finished the Turkey Trot in 41:52.  That is about 10 minutes cut off!  I’ll take it!


Now it’s time to begin focusing on 2009.


This coming Wednesday I have a major surgery.  I have decided it is time to remove the loose skin around my mid section. It is a drastic procedure that will have me on the operating table for 7 hours.  When complete it will take about 17 pounds of skin off of me.  Amanda and I will stay in Houston for a week after the surgery to make sure I am out of the infection and complication phase.  I will take any prayers.


I will be out of the training loop for more than a month and a half and I can’t get on the bike until probably the last week of January or early February.




I am doing very few races next year with my focus on two.


New Orleans 70.3 half Ironman and I will end the year with my first Ironman – racing at Ironman Florida on November 7th.




Today I weigh in at 253 pounds and I hope to be below 210 before IMFL in November.


Thanks to everyone for their support.  This hasn’t been easy.  Everyday is a battle.




I will post up a few days after my surgery next week when I am up to it.


Martin said...

Well done
Glad to see a progress report as I have been following your blog for a while now.
Good luck with the surgery.

Helen Ann said...

Awesome!! Way to be fit, my friend!! Prayers galore for your upcoming surgery...May the Spirit of The Lord fill you and give you peace and comfort...

Tater said...

WOW! You are so inspiring! You had started on this journey about a year before me. So in watching you and your progress it inspires me and shows me what is possible if I just keep at it. I am very grateful for that! It was great to see you at the Turkey Trot. Best of luck with the surgery! I know what a relief that will be for you! I can't wait until I can do the same.

Beth "PoopyLiz/Tater" :o)