Friday, November 30, 2007

SUB 40!!!

Sub 40

I have been working at the weight thing and I am into this new mountain biking thing. The mountain biking is exciting, stressful, and at times painful! But ultimately it is a blast.

I have been focusing on my running as well. A wise Triathlete in our club named Vanilla once said to me, after I acknowledged that I hate running therefore I swim a lot, he said not me, “that’s the way, don’t focus on the area you need the most work.” He has a way with words, but oh how right he is. I am doing this. I have been learning more and more about interval training and I have been doing this type of training for about a month now.

On Thanksgiving Day I did the Turkey Trot 5k and I finished in 40:57. This for most of you will sound pitifully slow, but when you look at the fact that my last triathlon I did the 5k portion in 59:07 and the last solo 5k that I did this time last year I finished in 54:22 – a sub 41 minute 5k is a vast improvement.

Tonight I took part in the Reindeer Run here in downtown Baton Rouge. My goal – Sub 40 minutes. I met my good friend Pat and his lovely wife and awesome two children. I have written about Pat on several occasions. He did the Disney Tri last year with me and he has been a major positive influence on me helping in my success with my weight.

I started in the back of the pack this time since at the Turkey Trot I felt bad that so many people had to run around me. It took forever it seemed to begin running after the horn went off AND I became a bit frustrated at all the people who started in the front and were walking in droves right in the middle of the road, but no big deal after about 500 yards.

I started my watch when we crossed the start line and set out on a pace I felt I would keep the entire 5k. I felt great for the first mile and a half. After that my heart rate a very high but I didn’t feel like I was pushing that hard???

I saw a few friends out on the course and also saw a few folks that I met at the Turkey Trot.

As I closed in on the final stretch I didn’t think I was going to make it in under 40 minutes. My watch said 39:03 when a nice lady ran up to me and introduced herself to me and she is a member of our Tri club here in Baton Rouge. She was very nice and ran in with me. I crossed at 40: 37on my watch, but my GPS said that I had gone 3.44 miles which is about a quarter mile longer than a 5k (3.2 miles). But I shrugged that off since I recently purchased the band new Polar GPS that they just came out with and I assumed I did something incorrect since I am still learning its functions.

However I saw my friend Clay from the tri club and he said that some folks with the Garmin 305 (which I used to have) said that the course was a little long as well.

POINT BEING – I finished in under 40 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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