Thursday, September 13, 2007

Caroline Smith Fund raiser event

What a fun evening!

First I would like to thank a lot of folk who helped make this fundraiser a success. Without them this event and fundraiser would not have been possible.

§ The Spokesman in Mandeville
§ The Hartford
§ The Silver Spoon
§ Fleet Feet of Baton Rouge
§ And EVERYONE who bought a raffle ticket

The spread tonight was awesome! Good for you food, for the most part and great company! I got to know Tom and his wife as well as a few other folks who I have not met in our tri group here in Baton Rouge.

I had an opportunity to meet and spend time with Mr. Smith and his lovely wife Emily, Caroline’s Father and Step-Mother.

We had a good little turn out to take part in a fun evening with great food and good conversation. Caroline spoke of her ITU World’s experience in Hamburg Germany two weeks ago and a few folks asked questions and I found it very enlightening.

Overall Caroline was very impressed with the commitment to triathlon in Germany. She said downtown basically shut down for this week long event and no one really had a problem with it, the city of Hamburg was VERY accommodating.

Caroline discussed that this was a “B” race and she did as well as she would have expected since her real training was focused for Kona on October 13, her “A” race for the year.

After filling our tummy’s and hearing a few words from Caroline we had the drawing for the 2008 Specialized Transition Pro, a $4,400 triathlon/time trial bike to be unveiled in November.

We had our local celebrity, Brianna (my goddaughter) do the honors. Brianna will be one year old in 2 weeks so we knew she had no bias in selecting the winning ticket.

I was very excited when I read to myself the winner of the bike. I think this individual is a lot of fun and a down right good hearted guy AND he was in attendance at the event tonight with his beautiful wife.

You will see him on River Road sometime in November with his brand new state of the art, high tech, aero prone, Transition PRO . . . Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . .

Cullen Talley!

Congrats Cullen, couldn’t have been won by a better dude!

Several Covington/Mandeville folk won the awesome door prizes such as Fleet Feet Running gift certificates, Ruth Chris’ Steak House gift certificates, and CC’s Coffee gift certificates. Everyone there left with lots of great left over’s if they wanted them.

My personal favorite of the evening was the Maytag Blue Cheese Torte with Fresh Strawberries and a ginger snap.

Thank you all again so much for your support of Caroline and her venture to compete in ITU Worlds, Iron man World Championship in Kona, and Clearwater 70.3 World Championships in Florida.

God Bless.


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