Monday, January 29, 2007

Thinking Positive!

This blog thing!!! Man it has put some pressure eon me!

I have been a little Leary of writing, as you may have noticed, because I am really falling behind these days.

I am set at 404 lbs right now. That is a little better than the 425 I was a few weeks ago, but it is still taking years off of my life.

I have been going to therapy and discussing my weight. I have decided a few things I am putting into practice on the mental side. I am mentally tough, but I am also hard-headed.

After discussion with my wonderful therapist, Julie, I am going to take a pro-active approach to myself mentally and try and use positive imagery to get where I want to be.

This is going to replace a little of my “humor” side. Not is a bad way. I will still be funny as all get out, at least to me, but I am going to try and put ME in a more positive light.

I am going to change the name of this blog. I AM NOT CHANGING THE WEB DDRESS. I am going to change the name and I am looking for suggestions.

Here is what I have so far from friends I have told about this:

Tri-ing to be slim
Tri-ing to be healthy (boring)
Tri-ing to shrink that ass skinny man (not bad, but I would use butt!)

So there are a few. Please post comments of a new blog title you would like to see. If I use YOUR new blog name, I will send you a $50 gift certificate to Whole Foods Grocery or another healthy organic food store in your area. So put your first name and email so I can get in touch to send your winnings!

I want to thank my friend Rocketboy for not giving up on me.

I will beat this thing.


Anonymous said...

Tri-ing and Succeeding Man

Because you are succeeding man!


rocketboy said...

Yo! Call me back when you get a chance.
Drop the tri-ing. You are succeeding. Trying implies that you may or may not be successful. When talking about my swim I never say I am going to try to complete it. I say I am going to complete it. I even say things like 'when I am done" etc. You can use tri in there somehow. Triathlon got you started. We know what you can do in that regard.

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