Monday, January 08, 2007

Find the good in everything!

Being sick has very few advantages . . .

As a child being sick had several advantages, staying home from school. That was a pretty good one. The teacher would send my homework home with my Dad (He was a teacher at my school when I was young), I would do it that night, in bed, with full pampering by my mom. Lay on the couch watching TV. I did miss my friends when I would find myself out sick and the worst part was when I was feeling better. See, I was a VERY active child and when I was feeling the slightest bit better I wanted to be out tearing up the neighborhood.

Today, not so many advantages. I miss work, but that only causes more work. I stay home, but no TV, I spend time doing work I can do from home. I play on the internet a little, but not as much fun when you are hacking up your mornings breakfast.

I find that as an adult, I don’t take a break when I BEGIN feeling sick. I wait until I am foaming at the mouth speaking in tongues sick! By then it is too late to do anything but, be sick, as I have been for about 8 days.

There are no advantages to being sick as an adult. I have found none. None that is, until today, but it in itself isn’t really an advantage.

When you’re an adult and sick the world doesn’t revolve around you as it did when we were kids. Grandma doesn’t drive over and stay the day with you while Mom and Dad are at work, or you don’t get the noodle soup prepared with tender loving hands, or the kiss on the forehead as the covers are being tucked in around your tiny body. No. None of that!

It is a dog eat dog world when you’re a sick adult. You fend for yourself. You’re lucky to get much empathy from anyone when you’re sick. I was couching up a lung as a client (who I love to death) was calling me a on my cell about selling his stock. He did wish me luck in feeling better after I took care of it for him.

However, the one advantage . . . Wait semi-advantage of being sick is the scale.

Now, I have been focusing on my diet and portions as well as NO FAST FOOD OR FRIED FOODS since I had a horrible experience on the scale before Christmas. It was a miserable finding and I felt lost in this new life I am creating. I weighed in at a whopping 423 lbs. The highest I have ever weighed in my life. Over 60 lbs more than I had weighed on October 22, the last time I recorded my weight.

I was dismal and depressed. I got back on the wagon and took the advice of a few friends and began daily goal setting. It has worked out well for me and it has helped me focus on the here and now more than a year out.

Then I became ill. I couldn’t eat, what I did eat didn’t always stay with me and I have been absolutely miserable, until this morning.
I woke, showered and decided to get on the scale.

397.5 lbs!

I realize I have lost some muscle weight by not doing ANYTHING over the past almost three weeks, but hey, I ain’t complaining.

Don’t worry, I am not going to stay sick to lose more weight. But if there was one advantage of this crud I have in my system right now, it is the fact that I have lost 25 lbs. over the past three weeks.

I contribute a portion of it to my daily focus and some to my sickness.

The good news is, I am back on the right track and NOW . . . NOW . . . NOW . . . I only have 50 more pounds to lose before I get to the weight I want to be for my Half Ironman in May!!!!!

Oh, I am also ready to be healthy again, this sick thing is for the birds. I am going to the doctor Monday. Maybe a shot in the rear-end will get me started!

Until next time, train hard and smart and move. Don’t sit around, move!

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