Monday, December 12, 2005

"I Have a Dream"

“I have a dream.
~Rev. Martin Luther King

I don’t want to minimalize such a powerful and courageous quote. Please understand that I truly have a dream. I am going to set this as one of my many goals for the year 2006, but to me it is more a dream or possibly fantasy, rather than a goal.

Towards the end of the training season this year I had begun setting tiny feel good goals. For example, my goal in the last three or four triathlons that I raced in was to not finish dead last. I actually accomplished this goal twice! I was excited. I was proud, not because I beat someone else, but because I had made a new stride or reached a new level of success towards my goal of becoming healthier.

I am in NYC right now visiting my youngest sister who I love dearly. While visiting I also had breakfast with my awesome cousin, Michelle. If you read my blogs, you may remember I did Try Andy’s Tri in Houston with my cousin Michael. This is his sister. We were discussing the NYC Marathon and triathlons and her coming down to race in a tri with us and so on so forth.

I became extremely motivated!!!!!

As I sit here in the LaGuardia airport I am going through my training schedule and looking at the camp in San Diego, and then I pulled up the Memphis in May Triathlon, which Michelle said she would be interested in doing. As of now it is no where near ½ filled, but out of probably 100 or so people signed up, there are only 7 Clydesdale’s signed up.

Clydesdale’s are men who weigh more than 200 lbs!!!! I laugh out-loud at this. If you happened to be in the LaGuardia airport on Dec. 11, 2005 around 1:30 PM in US Air terminal 7 and heard a large man bellow out, that was me. 200 lbs.!!!!!! HA!!!!!! I weigh an additional Clydesdale!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to see the African Elephant Race division for the 300 + pounders!!!!!!

As I began to look at the list of participants I decided to check on the rewards or awards and saw that they give awards five deep for Clydesdale’s!

Therefore, I have decided to create within me the dream to “place” in the Memphis in May triathlon, which is in Memphis, In May.

I am working hard. I have been training hard. I hope over the next few months and when I go to San Diego for my training camp that I learn to train for strength in this sport. I am going to meet with one of my tri club members, Vanilla, soon to learn how to properly utilize my heart rate and all that jazz, but I am setting a goal to place in the top 5 of all Clydesdale’s who race in Memphis in May.

Keep that in your positive thoughts for me.

Here we go!!!!!


Michael Pate said...

Go ahead place in the Clydesdale division, but you know that it all comes down to the little challege of who races in a skirt at Meat Pie!

Michael Pate said...

Go ahead place in the Clydesdale division, but you know that it all comes down to the little challege of who races in a skirt at Meat Pie!

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