Tuesday, April 19, 2011


What a horrifically self testing day I had at Ironman New Orleans 69.1 . . .

Lets talk about Friday and Saturday leading up to Sunday's NOLA 70.3 race.


I began having cramps in my stomach.  I was feeling woozy, but didn't feel sick.  I tried not to think much about it thinking it was just a fluke feeling.  THEN the onslaught took over and I was poooooooo-ing non stop.  HOW ABOUT THAT FOR TMI!!!

This continued into Saturday and I was worried.

I had put at minimum a bottle of Pepto Bismo in my belly as well as a small bottle of Imodium AD . . . How did that help you you ask?


As I drove to the race site Sunday morning I was convincing myself to do this race, but I was losing the battle with myself.


I am only competent in one area of my triathlon and that is the swim.  I like my bike, but the bike hurts.  I actually love the swim and never feel tired or as if I have exerted much energy during the swim.

OF COURSE - The swim was canceled due to high winds.  First let me say this.  There has been much discussion about whether the race should have been canceled.  I think it was the best call at the time from what I saw.

TIME TRIAL Bike start.

The wind was in out face and beating the tar out of me the first 10 miles and then I got hit with my first of many stomach cramps.  I'm thinking I was on my period, as if I knew what that is like . . .

This continued for the entire bike and I thought it might be the BIG D - diarrhea - kicking in again and so I hit the port o potty and nothing, but more cramps.

As I pulled into transition - beat by the wind and tore UP by the cramps I had decided I was done.  Just put a DNF by my name I was cooked, done, it was OVER.  I even told a few of my friends that I was toast and not going out on the run . . .

I arrived at my rack position, racked my bike and began packing up my transition bag to go home.

I had a record breaking 21 minute transition!

I was not going to be a puss for my first major tri that I was prepared for since my major surgery in Jan 2010 because of a little cramping in my little belly . . .

So I was off on the run . . .

Needless to say I was pissed at myself for the next 13 miles for not just taking a DNF, but I finished.

It was ugly, I spent more time in port o potties than one person should have.  I high fived people, I cheered for others, and ultimately like a wounded dog, I shuffled across the finish line.

I feel horrible today and I still have the sh*ts, excuse my french . . . But I finished.

It was ugly.  I was ugly.  I hope I feel better.



gshiz5 said...

What a bummer...
But you know what??
Your still an IRONMAN!!!


amybee said...

hey: I think you did a terrific job considering how you felt and how the weather was uncooperating....GOOD FOR YOU!

katierunsthis said...

So proud of you for NOT getting a DNF! And you know what? At the end of the day, you are still an IRONMAN (insert "Ironman" by Black Sabbath) and that rocks so much!

My DREAM is to do one of the IronGirl events. I'm really tempted (if I can figure out how to swim) to do the sprint tri IronGirl in NOLA coming up.

If you have any advice on getting started swimming, please share! :)

Kawsar Ahmed said...

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