Monday, October 05, 2009

Thirty Two Days and Counting

Thirty-Two days . . .

Time is winding down on the final piece to my goal of weight loss and healthy living.

When I did my first Triathlon in 2005 at over 400 pounds, my ultimate goal was to complete an Ironman. Now Almost five years later I think I am ready to accomplish that goal.

I weighted in last week at 238lbs. I was down to 229lbs after IM NOLA 70.3, but with the foot and other things (like a baby) I gained but, I am working my way back down.

The training has been strong the past six weeks. I have two more weeks ove heavy training and then I begin my taper.

I had a great deal of fun this weekend.

Amanda and I are in Cincinnati OH to see her Grandmother who hasn’t seen the baby yet. While here I have had the joy of riding the Loveland Bike trail. 80 – YES, Eighty miles of car free rails to trails that stretch from Milford OH to Dayton OH and back. If you are anywhere NEAR Cincinnati I urge you to ride the Loveland Bike trail.

On Sunday I did my first Canoe, Run, Bike triathlon. I had the bestest teammate, Heidi. We canoed 6 miles and even thought I haven’t been in a canoe since my college days (and back then there was more beer drinking than canoeing) we held or own and pulled in to the canoe area 2nd out of our group.

Heidi then took off and left me to fend for myself on the 5.5 mile run. Here is the best part of the day and my Ironman training. My friend Pat and Chuck both turned me onto this Run/Walk marathon by Galloway. I run 10 minutes and power walk 1 minute. I have been training this way for about a month. I really felt strong entering the bike.

This race is a blast. The last quarter mile of the run is straight uphill on trails. Kicked my butt!

The bike was very nice if you could take out the wind! But at IM FL there can be lots of wind so this was a great day for realizing how much fun it is to ride in head on wind for 18 miles.

TEAM NORSE – Rocked it and we were the life of the party. Next year it is ON! Team Angelo/Boggs Vs Team Jason/Heidi. GOING DOWN!!!!

My long rides are getting easier and my long runs are . . . Well, they just are.



Dont overdo it. You are ready to finish based on what I can see unless you hurt yourself again. Trust me, more bike, little run. I am staying off my achilles until race time to support my theory.

amybee said...

Sounds like a fun event in Ohio! Your child is adorable.

Calu said...

Hey Boggs, it's Calu! =)
Just would like to congratulate you and Amanda on your baby girl. She's beautiful!!
ps: you look good! keep up the hard work =)