Tuesday, August 05, 2008

It's Been A While . . .

Let’s get the apologies out of the way . . . Sorry I have been MIA the past few months. It has been a very busy and action packed few months. I am asked frequently through emails and posts what I do for a living. I am a Financial Planner and I have the greatest clients around and they have needed my attention the past few months with this volatile market and on top of that I have taken part in some exciting excursions.

First let me recap the whole health and weight thing:

The gallbladder came out a few months back and I am still, STILL trying to figure out what I can eat that doesn’t require me being within 30 feet of a bathroom after consumption. I have actually gained weight. GRRRRRRRRRRRR! I fell off the wagon. Maybe it has been the stock market and maybe it has been a lack of focus on my part? I am not sure but I was down to 258 lbs and as of today I am at 271 lbs. I am not happy. But . . .

I am re-focused and beginning today I am back on the wagon. 210 lbs is within my grasp and I can taste it.

Now onto the excursions:

July has been awesome. I took part in a triathlon (my 12th of the year) in the beginning of the month. I played golf with my Father over the July 4th week. I spent a week with my best friend Mike and his family THEN . . . THEN . . . !

My wife, Amanda and I drove to Iowa and rode our bikes from the west side of Iowa to the East side, over 510 miles in 7 days! We took part in RAGBRAI http://www.ragbrai.org/ and we had a blast! It was a rough week on both of us with some days in the 90’s and others in the 60’s, tornadoes, sore saddle butt, and shower bags! But we had a great time and I recommend it to anyone!

Then this past week I knocked it out of the ballpark at River Cities Triathlon in Shreveport. This is a great race that I highly recommend. I did this race in 2006 and finished with a time of about 2hrs 27min. I have worked hard in all areas but my swim the last few months and I have seen great improvement in the bike area and slight improvement in my run. My goal for this race was to finish in under 2hrs.

My swim was very average for me and my bike time was pretty good at 22.4 mph, while my run was better than usual at about a 12 min mile pace. THE GOOD NEWS!

I finished in 1hr 56min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am posting pictures tomorrow, stay tuned . . .

Thanks to everyone for their support.

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Damie said...

wondering where you have been! Glad to see you are having some fun, and holy cow your bike has gotten so fast! awesome!