Sunday, May 18, 2008

Memphis In May 2008

2006 Result

1264 Christopher Boggs - 4:43:56 2:16:34 22:00 72:54 23:31 63:40 20:33

2008 Result

733 Christopher Boggs - 35:03 2:07 39 1:05:00 22.6 3:26 163 1:31:17 14:42 3:16:51

I reached a new height today. No, I am not getting taller.

As you can see above, I did Memphis In May Triathlon in 2006 and again today. In 2006 I finished this race in . . . Hold onto your sock, 4hr 43min.

Today I finished in 3hr 16min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My goal was sub 3:15, but I m ok with my effort today, not to mention the almost 1hr and 30min I knocked off my time in 2008!

My bike is really coming around. Today I averaged 22.6, but I think the course was about 1/10 of a mile short. My Garmin 705 Edge said my bike split was 22.3mph.

I worked hard on my run the past month and a half, no improvements to speak of yet, but hopefully when I recover from my surgery to remove my gallbladder next week is complete I can get back on my run training and see real improvement. I have the goal of having a sub 2min per 100m swim, a plus 20pmh bike and a sub 10min mile race THIS SEASON! It will happen! I am seconds away from the swim goal, well above my bike goal, it is that darn run thing I have a long way to improve on.

I saw my friend lane prior to the race . . . Great to see you Lane, thanks for the cheers. I also met Chris (boss I think is his name on BT).

My swim was event-less. Nice pace, nice cool water and I almost capped off a sub 2min per 100m swim, OH SO CLOSE. I came out of the water trucking (for me).

I took off on the bike, but I forgot that there are actually a couple steady hills on the bike course, but I handled them OK. I hit 33.8mph down this long stretch of the bike course at around mile 18. I was FLY’N!!!!

Run sucked. I felt heavy (I made a funny!) and tired. The first 3 miles went by fairly easy, but the last 3 kicked my tail. I don’t think the finish could have come sooner!

My little sister Grace came with me to this race and she cheered her little heart out for me, as did her friend Jamie. (Jamie, sorry I wasn’t much for conversation after the race, I was trying not to pass out!!!)

I crossed the finish line and headed straight to the nice cool lake and took a swim/wade in the water and it felt great.

I was very pleased with my race.

If you click on the first link I have listed above you can scroll down to the bottom and see I was DEAD LAST in 2006. This year not only was I not dead last, but I beat a few folks in my on age group, woo hoo.

Thanks everyone for your support and encouraging words.

Also, my weight as of last Wednesday – 273lbs – only 63lbs left to lose!


Anonymous said...

you do so good.
love you. da

Momma said...

Wonderful Wonderful!
It may already be on your site, but I'd like to know the dates and locations of your future triathlons.


Damie said...

Great job! Sorry I did not get to meet you at MIM...I forgot to ask Lane to introduce me! Glad you had a good time:)