Saturday, May 12, 2007



Did Not Finish

I have a lot to learn about ocean swimming. I veered off course badly on the way out. Coming back in was much better since I picked out the hotel as my mark. I felt strong throughout the entire swim.

Wind was rather calm in the first 10 miles of the bike. At the bridge it picked up. I began to cramp in my calves at mile 20. I had to stop once before that at mile 15 or so to stretch them and they felt fine afterwards until mile 20. I rode through it until the turn around and had to stretch them again. They were locking up (the right one badly) and it was becoming too painful.

At the aid station mile 40 I stopped to wee wee and that was it. I was done.

I tried my best. I tried my best.

I love you Amanda. I miss you. See you Tuesday.

Thanks Susan and everyone else who hollered for me on the bike course.

I am ok, but disappointed in myself.


Anonymous said...

You did not 'fail'....there must be a more positive way to express it..."Got a little closer to the goal today..." etc. You did an amazing thing today....more than the rest of us. Love, Proud Mother of Chris Boggs

Now say, "I love you, Momma; Happy Mother's Day."

Anonymous said...


You are awesome and amazing! No need to feel disappointed! I am very proud of what you did accomplish.


Anonymous said...

Failure is never starting!!
This was a learning experience. How you deal with a day like today defines true character.

"Some days we're statues,some days we're pigeons"

Anonymous said...

Let me see.... Attempted a Half Ironman Boggs 1 Biseman 0.

I don't see how you "failed".

Nice try at it though. Keep up the working out :)


Anonymous said...

I am soooo proud of you for continally working toward your goal- I support you a 100%. I am very proud of you- Wow- To swim 1.2 miles and then bike to 40 miles!! You give me motivation everyday to make myself healthier with exercise. I love you very much.
your sis

Bernard's Vicious Lifecycle said...

DNF (did not finish) is an elite club - top of the hierarchy - people who have pushed themselves beyond their limits. Below this are people who always finish (they haven't risked enough), then people who give up prematurely, and then, of course, the great majority are down in DNS (did not start)status, though they may not even recognize it.

cheers mate!