Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It’s a Fact . . .

I eat too much.

My problem is I can’t push away from a plate of food AND the plate or plates of food I order are big and fatty. I become upset when I am training hard as I did last week and early this week and I gain weight.

It is not muscle I am putting on.

I simply eat too much. I need help. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, at least since Sunday when I weighed in again after a week of hard training. I had gained 2 pounds. Then I critically examined how this could happen. After a few hours I decided I eat too much. You might be thinking to yourself, DUH!

What I mean is this, I am not lazy. I wake at 5:30 in the morning run, cycle, swim sometimes I will do two that morning. I work hard when it comes to my business. I have always worked hard. I worked at a little Chinese restaurant in new Orleans as a 13 year old washing dishes and cutting vegetables. I’ve never been afraid of hard work.

I cut out fast food altogether this year. I feel better, but I am not losing weight.

As I have come to this new knowledge I began to think about how often I eat out and eat out with friends. I now wonder how many of my friends look at what I order and think in their minds, “Oh My Goodness! Is he going to eat all of that?” I am sure it is out of politeness that they don’t say anything, but it could be something else. I am a big dude, not JUST fat but big, intimidating big. Now, I think most of my friends know they can say whatever they want to me and I will take it constructively. Even if it is attacking, I won’t eat them with my dessert!

I need help.

To my wife, my family, my friends and those who care about me:

Please help me order healthy food when you are with me. Help me eat less. If you’re not around me, send me positive thoughts, prayer, or if you are with me don’t be afraid to tell me to slow down.

I realize this is my problem and ultimately on I can handle this problem. However, it sure is nice knowing you have people behind you, supporting you.

I plan to do the following:

Order the smallest of what there is on the menu. Meaning if there is a choice between a 6oz or a 10oz filet I will choose the 6oz. I have stopped ordering anything with PLATTER in the description.
But, more over I am going to eat out less. For my birthday I have asked for one of those food sealers. You put your food in this plastic bag and this machine vacuums out all of the air and seals it airtight.

I am going to spend Sundays preparing portion adequate meals and sealing them to be eaten during the week.

A friend of mine in the Baton Rouge Triathlon Club agreed with me and offered calorie counting, so I am also going to add the advice in my meal preparation. Not only will I prepare the correct portions but also figure out the calories in each meal.

I will keep you posted on the progress.

Thanks for all of the support. It means a great deal to me and it helps.


Calu said...

Hey Boggs,
I always read your blog when you send out an e-mail about it. I just wanted to say that I really admire all that you do, all your energy and determination. I hope that you can achieve your goals. Sorry I can't be there to help you out with the food. But hey, when Sil was trying to lose weight, he stopped drinking soda completely and he lost a bunch of pounds! =)
Anyway, good luck with everything!
Take care

Anonymous said...

I believe you have had a light bulb really have discovered the answer. We are the product of our decisions. Some are instantaneous decisions, some are well thought-out decisions, but all decisions have consequences. Sometimes the decision is how to react to things outside our control, but it's still our decision how we will react or respond. I'll be praying that you make healthy, wise and mature decisions every meal. Love, Momma

Timbeaux said...

How you eat is a habit just like anything else you do. If you have a bad habit, it is hard to break. Last year when training for Florida, people would ask if I was on a special diet. I told them I ate what I wanted when I wanted because I was burning a billion calories a day. Now my problem is that I continued my IM eating habits with a couch potato training routine.

I don't get to eat out with you, but I will promise you this. I will continue to pray for you and I will never let you eat that many sausages again like you did at Holy Toledo without some shed.

Stay positive because YOU ARE THE MAN!


Twice the Man said...

Hang in there, hope the fam and frin help more == but ultimately it is going to be you. You are an exercise role model, time to complete the package.

Anonymous said...

Know what I do sometimes - know how before every meal some people pray - well before every meal close your hand into a fist and remind yourself that your stomach is only that big. I do that sometimes when I am in a resturant that serves me 3 meals on 1 plate.

(and after you close that fist and see the size of your stomach, slam it down on the table and tell yourself - I work too damn hard at the gym to over eat.)

You can also talk to John if you need help. He has lost a lot of weight within the last 4 years - and much like yourself LOVES food - even still. I am sure if you want any advice or moral support he would be more than happy to help.


Anonymous said...


You can also not eat out but one time a week. I don't eat out very often because they feed you way to much. At my home i am in contol of what i put in my food. Keep lots of fruits and veggie in a ice chest in your car. Exercising alot doesn't mean you can eat what you want. Remember your body is the temple and treat it as if it were. Everyone has there addiction you just have to work the addiction daily. I pray everyday that you will control your eating and began to benifit from all your hard work. Habits are hard to break but make a promise to yourself and God that you will work for 1 month without breaking your life style change. I think you will find it alot easier to keep the promise. I also think you should give up all red meat and pork. If you can't give it up drop back to 2 times a month. Love ya man only want to see you live a long productive life.

You friend Big D.