Saturday, April 15, 2006

Fat Boy 5k!

“Time, is on my side, say again!” I believe it was the Rolling Stones that sang those lyrics, however that song was not written for this guy!!!!

I pride myself on being organized. Amanda and my team at work might tell you differently, but I am very organized in a Christopher kind of way.

This morning, the morning of the Fat Boy 5k, I was not organized. I woke with plenty of time to shower (a pre-race ritual of mine) snack on a banana, read a little on the addict-a-net and then begin a slow peaceful drive a couple miles away from my home to the site of the Fat Boy 5k.

Let me say that this race is not properly labeled. When one hears Fat boy and 5k in the title of a run/race, one would think this may be a race or run geared towards . . . What was that you were thinking? Kenyan long distance runners that log sub 5 minute miles at the Boston Marathon? Oh? No? Ah! You were thinking along the same lines as I was.

Fat Boy 5k a race that gives fat people (ME) a chance to showcase our abilities.

Not so much.

I went on the official site for the race and found that the Clydesdale and Ultra Clydesdale were no bigger than 260 lbs. Are you kidding me! Two Sixty!??? Not that I am bragging since this is nothing to brag about, but 260 is incredibly small potatoes when we are talking close to 400 lbs here. I think next year they should consider a couple higher divisions in their Clydesdale. I think 261-320 and 321-360 and 361 and higher.

Enough of my personal idiosyncrasies.

After a very short drive I pull into the sub-division where the race was held. I noticed quite a few cars. I thought to myself, these people like to be early with a capitol E. I was 30 minutes early, but by the looks of it, these folks had been here for a long time.

It was a cool morning, I was happy. I walked into the field area where the registration was held. I thought to myself, self there aren’t very many people here. I walked up to the registration table. Stood there. The two ladies were mulling around, shuffling papers when finally one of them looked at me. She grinned, and then went back to mulling and shuffling. I had no idea what was going on here? However, slowly it began to sink in.

Many cars, not so many people. Not so many people registering. The registration ladies ignoring me. It became all too clear.

“Mam?” I tenderly asked. She looked at me, this time as though I were being a nuisance. “Has the race begun?” She looked at me as though I were an alien, “Yes.” She responded very matter of factly. At this point I was embarrassed to even stand there. I was close to walking away when a tall, running looking gentleman walked up with headphones on and told me the race was sold out sorry and I could come back next year. I informed him I pre-registered. “Great!” he said and I was given my race number and he said the race started 20 minutes ago. The lady handed me an XL T-Shirt and apologized for not having my size. Again, this race is called FAT BOY 5k.

I ran back to my truck, threw my extras, keys, wallet, glasses etc. into the car and ran back to the start. The same tall, running guy told me I could cut across this street to catch up with the group. I was having none of that. This Fat Boy came to RUN!!!!

My goal as has been for this season, to run sub 15 minute miles.

And I was off!!!!!

I was surprised at some of the hills in this sub-division, killer, at least for me they were. I was chugging along about a half mile into the race and the first runners were coming in. I rooted them on, they were moving. I made the second turn and it was like a cattle drive coming right at me. I was on the far right of the street, but people were actually brave enough to run right at me. I am a BIG dude! It was as if people didn’t see me? So I widened myself even more and dropped my head a little as if I wasn’t looking forward.

At the half-way point I was surprised at my time. I actually thought I had a chance to catch a small group of people walking. Since it was a triathlon I had decided to push really hard on this race. About 2 ½ miles into the race I was moving, for me, but then I hit a small brick wall. Not a literal wall, not a Gloria Wall, but a mind and body wall. Then I missed a turn somehow and ran into the driveway of a house. I stopped, looked around, and began running back.

I ran into two guys that were out for a leisurely run and they directed me to the correct route, thanks guys!

I crossed the finish line and happily hit the stop button on my Garmin and was pleasantly surprised with 14:24 minute miles!!!! Woo Hoo! I also ran 3.69 miles instead of the 3.1 mile 5k course.

I had a great time and can’t wait for my 10k race, the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans next Saturday. I am a little scared of the 10k, but if I feel like I did today, I will be just fine!!!

Until next time, get up, do something, anything to improve your health.

Much love!

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