Thursday, November 03, 2005

2006 race schedule

2006 Triathlon Race Schedule

I am preparing for an eventful year in 2006. I have lofty goals and no fear! Let’s have a recap and then I will list my schedule for the entire year.

I plan to be down to 300 LBS. by my first race in May.
2006 I am to complete 1 International/Oly sized Triathlon
By 12/31/2006 I am to weigh 250 LBS.
2007 I am to complete 1 Half IM
12/31/2007 I am to weight in at 210 LBS.
2008 I am to complete my first FULL IM (probably IMFL)

So that is the recap of the goals I had set for myself.
In 2005 I raced in eight sprint triathlons and completed seven.

Feb. 1-5 training camp
San Diego CA
May 21 Memphis in May Int/Oly Triathlon
Memphis TN
June 10 Buster Britton Sprint Tri
Pelam AL
June ? Yam City Sprint Triathlon
Opelousas LA
July ? Disco Triathlon - Sprint
Dallas TX
July ? Abitaman #3 - Sprint
New Orleans LA
July 30 Tri-America Int/Oly Tri
Louisville KY
August ? Rivercities Tri – Sprint
Shreveport LA
August ? Tri Andy’s Tri – Sprint
Houston TX
Sept. ? Cajun Man – Sprint tri
Lafayette LA
Spet. 24 Disney World Int/Oly tri
Orlando FL
Oct. ? Meat Pie sprint tri
Natchitoches LA

I hope all of my friends and family in the Kentucky Ohio area can make plans to come down to Louisville for the race in July.

Notice I am doing 3, yes THREE International size triathlons in 2006!


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